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Sar Yehudah
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Right now on steam there is a free, standalone game called Cry of Fear. It is a rather difficult horror game where you play as a squad of police who are sent to rescue a demented boy. The boy's pyschosis has transposed a quasi-Silent Hill world adjacent to the real one, in which the cops are sucked into. It is a little buggy but it is ultra fun. Kistri and Akiadan have both played it with me. I'm just letting you all know. I actually really want to make some videos involving our (mostly mine) screams of fright and laughter. Bandicam wasn't working with the game at the time however. In most areas there is just enough ammo to kill allt he enemies. However, some areas you simply have to dodge a portion of them. We got owned on a series of bridges where these bizzare monsters with long tentacle-like hands attacked, more or less you have to jump over their swipes.

this video is from the mod version. it is now stand alone. the enemies don't seem to take as much damage now.

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